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Journal of Women in Culture and Society

Editor: Suzanna Danuta Walters, Northeastern University, Boston

Volume 47,Number 4|Summer 2022

Rethinking “First Wave” Feminisms

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  • Introduction

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    Rethinking “First Wave” Feminisms: An Introduction

    • Katherine M. Marino and
    • Susan Ware
    pp. 811–816
  • Articles

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    Closets and Mirrors: First-Wave Feminist Translators, Nonauthorship, and the Fascist State

    • Serena Bassi
    pp. 817–841
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    Antifeminism, Anti-Blackness, and Anti-Oldness: The Intersectional Aesthetics of Aging in the Nineteenth-Century United States

    • Corinne T. Field
    pp. 843–883
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    Race, Gender, and Sanism: Remapping Mad Feminist Genealogies

    • Jess Waggoner
    pp. 885–904
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    The Inequality of Intersectionalities in Chicago’s First-Wave Women’s Movement

    • Laura K. Nelson
    pp. 905–930
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    Being Fully Human: Linda Smart Chubb and the Praxis of Black Feminist Internationalism

    • Kaysha Corinealdi
    pp. 931–955
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    “Woman as Wife, Mother, and Home-Maker”: Equal Rights International and Australian Feminists’ Interwar Advocacy for Mothers’ Economic Rights

    • James Keating
    pp. 957–985
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    “Sisters in Asia”: The League of Nations and Feminist Anticolonial Internationalism

    • Nova Robinson
    pp. 987–1012
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    New Directions in Feminism and Global Race Studies: A Book Conversation

    • Tiffany N. Florvil,
    • Kaiama L. Glover,
    • Annette K. Joseph-Gabriel,
    • Katherine M. Marino,
    • Robin Mitchell,
    • Jacqueline-Bethel Mogoué, and
    • Samantha Pinto
    pp. 1013–1040
  • Book Reviews

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