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Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology

Editor in Chief: Theodore Garland, Jr.
Coeditors: Jon Harrison, Rita Mehta, Bill Milsom, Wendy Saltzman

Volume 80,Number 2|March/April 2007

  • Research Papers

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    Influence of Swimming Speed on Metabolic Rates of Juvenile Pacific Bluefin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna

    • Jason M. Blank,
    • Charles J. Farwell,
    • Jeffery M. Morrissette,
    • Robert J. Schallert, and
    • Barbara A. Block
    pp. 167–177
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    Effects of Ration Size and Hypoxia on Specific Dynamic Action in the Cod

    • Anders D. Jordan and
    • John F. Steffensen
    pp. 178–185
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    Thermal and Temporal Stability of Swimming Performance in the European Sea Bass

    • Guy Claireaux,
    • Corey Handelsman,
    • Emily Standen, and
    • Jay A. Nelson
    pp. 186–196
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    Correlation of Trimethylamine Oxide and Habitat Depth within and among Species of Teleost Fish: An Analysis of Causation

    • Athena L. Samerotte,
    • Jeffrey C. Drazen,
    • Garth L. Brand,
    • Brad A. Seibel, and
    • Paul H. Yancey
    pp. 197–208
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    Behavioral Inference of Diving Metabolic Rate in Free‐Ranging Leatherback Turtles

    • Corey J. A. Bradshaw,
    • Clive R. McMahon, and
    • Graeme C. Hays
    pp. 209–219
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    Offspring Sex Is Not Related to Maternal Allocation of Yolk Steroids in the Lizard Bassiana duperreyi (Scincidae)

    • Rajkumar Radder,
    • Sinan Ali, and
    • Richard Shine
    pp. 220–227
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    Hormonal Responses to Male‐Male Social Challenge in the Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus: Single‐Broodedness as an Explanatory Variable

    • Mėta M. Landys,
    • Wolfgang Goymann,
    • Michael Raess, and
    • Tore Slagsvold
    pp. 228–240
  • Technical Comments

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    Botulinum Toxin Injections as a Method for Chemically Denervating Skeletal Muscle to Test Functional Hypotheses: A Pilot Study in Lepomis cyanellus

    • Matthew W. O’Neill and
    • Alice C. Gibb
    pp. 241–249
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    Repeated Sampling but Not Sampling Hour Affects Plasma Carotenoid Levels

    • Lorenzo Pérez‐Rodríguez,
    • Carlos Alonso‐Alvarez, and
    • Javier Viñuela
    pp. 250–254
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