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The Library Quarterly

Information, Community, Policy

Editors: Paul T. Jaeger and Natalie Greene Taylor
Associate Editors: Jane Garner and Shannon M. Oltmann

Volume 84,Number 3|July 2014

  • Editorial

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  • Articles

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    Trust in Libraries and Trust in Most People: Social Capital Creation in the Public Library

    • Andreas Vårheim
    pp. 258–277
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    Library-Led Forums on Broadband: An Inquiry into Public Deliberation

    • Donna Schenck-Hamlin
    • Soo-Hye Han
    • Bill Schenck-Hamlin
    pp. 278–293
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    Understanding Virtual Reunification

    • Ricardo L. Punzalan
    pp. 294–323
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    Evaluating Cultural Authenticity in Multicultural Picture Books: A Collaborative Analysis for Diversity Education

    • EunYoung Yoo-Lee
    • Lauren Fowler
    • Denice Adkins
    • Kyung-Sun Kim
    • Halima N. Davis
    pp. 324–347
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    Information Services to Older Adults: Initial Findings from a Survey of Suburban Libraries

    • Claudia A. Perry
    pp. 348–386
  • History of the Book

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  • New Voices in Library Scholarship

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    Including the Culturally Excluded and Socially Forgotten: Information Services for Spanish Migrant Workers in the United States

    • Kaitlin J. Peterson
    pp. 390–401
  • Reviews

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