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Journal of Political Economy

Lead Editor: Magne Mogstad
Editors: John Asker, Andrew Atkeson, Leonardo Bursztyn, Gabriel Carroll, Melissa Dell, Rachel Griffith, Greg Kaplan, David Lagakos, John List, Lance Lochner, Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Azeem Shaikh

Volume 99,Number 2|Apr., 1991

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    Implications of Security Market Data for Models of Dynamic Economies

    • Lars Peter Hansen, and
    • Ravi Jagannathan
    pp. 225–262
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    Substitution, Risk Aversion, and the Temporal Behavior of Consumption and Asset Returns: An Empirical Analysis

    • Larry G. Epstein, and
    • Stanley E. Zin
    pp. 263–286
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    Health Behavior, Health Knowledge, and Schooling

    • Donald S. Kenkel
    pp. 287–305
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    Nonconvex Costs and the Behavior of Inventories

    • Valerie A. Ramey
    pp. 306–334
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    The Politics of Intergenerational Redistribution

    • Guido Tabellini
    pp. 335–357
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    The Variability of Velocity in Cash-in-Advance Models

    • Robert J. Hodrick,
    • Narayana Kocherlakota, and
    • Deborah Lucas
    pp. 358–384
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    The Variation of Economic Risk Premiums

    • Wayne E. Ferson, and
    • Campbell R. Harvey
    pp. 385–415
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    Reply to Professor Gilson

    • Jack L. Carr, and
    • G. Frank Mathewson
    pp. 426–428
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  • Book Review

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