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Volume 28,Number 1|January 2010

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    How General Is Human Capital? A Task‐Based Approach

    • Christina Gathmann and
    • Uta Schönberg
    pp. 1–49
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    Preschoolers Enrolled and Mothers at Work? The Effects of Universal Prekindergarten

    • Maria Donovan Fitzpatrick
    pp. 51–85
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    The Thrill of Victory: Measuring the Incentive to Win

    • Bentley Coffey and
    • M. T. Maloney
    pp. 87–112
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    Assessing the Impact of Eliminating Affirmative Action in Higher Education

    • Jessica S. Howell
    pp. 113–166
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    Information Technology, Organization, and Productivity in the Public Sector: Evidence from Police Departments

    • Luis Garicano and
    • Paul Heaton
    pp. 167–201