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Volume 26,Number 1|January 2008

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    Vive la Révolution! Long‐Term Educational Returns of 1968 to the Angry Students

    • Eric Maurin and
    • Sandra McNally
    pp. 1–33
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    Retirement and Consumption in a Life Cycle Model

    • David M. Blau
    pp. 35–71
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    Here Comes the Rain Again: Weather and the Intertemporal Substitution of Leisure

    • Marie Connolly
    pp. 73–100
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    Can Principals Identify Effective Teachers? Evidence on Subjective Performance Evaluation in Education

    • Brian A. Jacob and
    • Lars Lefgren
    pp. 101–136
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    Job Search, Hours Restrictions, and Desired Hours of Work

    • Hans G. Bloemen
    pp. 137–179
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    Do Wages Compensate for Anticipated Working Time Restrictions? Evidence from Seasonal Employment in Austria

    • Emilia Del Bono and
    • Andrea Weber
    pp. 181–221