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The Journal of Law and Economics

Editors: Dennis W. Carlton, Adam Chilton, Dhammika
Dharmapala, Richard Holden, Nathan Miller, Julie Holland
Mortimer, and Sam Peltzman

Volume 43,Number 1|April 2000

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    Symmetric Tragedies: Commons and Anticommons

    • James M. Buchanan and
    • Yong J. Yoon
    pp. 1–14
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    The Acquisition of Fisher Body by General Motors

    • R. H. Coase
    pp. 15–32
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    Creating Holdup through Vertical Integration: Fisher Body Revisited

    • Robert F. Freeland
    pp. 33–66
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    The Fable of Fisher Body

    • Ramon Casadesus‐Masanell and
    • Daniel F. Spulber
    pp. 67–104
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    Fisher—General Motors and the Nature of the Firm

    • Benjamin Klein
    pp. 105–142
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    Vertical Coordination, Antitrust Law, and International Trade

    • Stephen F. Hamilton and
    • Kyle Stiegert
    pp. 143–156
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    Market Power in Radio Markets: An Empirical Analysis of Local and National Concentration

    • Robert B. Ekelund, Jr.,
    • George S. Ford, and
    • Thomas Koutsky
    pp. 157–184
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    The Capitalization of Education Finance Reforms

    • Thomas S. Dee
    pp. 185–214
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    Sex under the Influence: The Effect of Alcohol Policy on Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates in the United States

    • Harrell Chesson,
    • Paul Harrison, and
    • William J. Kassler
    pp. 215–238
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    Political Cycles in Nontraditional Settings: Theory and Evidence from the Case of Mexico

    • Robin M. Grier and
    • Kevin B. Grier
    pp. 239–264
  • No Access

    Does It Matter Whom an Agent Serves? Evidence from Recent Changes in Real Estate Agency Law

    • Christopher Curran and
    • Joel Schrag
    pp. 265–284
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    Evidence on the Impact of State Government on Primary and Secondary Education and the Equity‐Efficiency Trade‐off

    • Thomas A. Husted and
    • Lawrence W. Kenny
    pp. 285–308