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Economic Development and Cultural Change

Editor: Prashant Bharadwaj

Volume 72,Number 1|October 2023

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    The Salience of Information: Evidence from a Health Information Campaign in Rural China

    • Yue Ma,
    • Sean Sylvia,
    • Dimitris Friesen,
    • Katherine Overbey,
    • Alexis Medina, and
    • Scott Rozelle
    pp. 1–26
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    What Should I Aspire To? Peer Effects in Adolescents’ Friendship Networks

    • Ben D’Exelle,
    • Rik Habraken, and
    • Arjan Verschoor
    pp. 27–78
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    Overconfidence, Trust, and Information-Seeking among Smallholder Farmers: Experimental Evidence from Ethiopia

    • Hiwot Mesfin,
    • Francesco Cecchi,
    • Eleonora Nillesen, and
    • Nyasha Tirivayi
    pp. 79–122
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    Estimating the Demand for Business Training: Evidence from Jamaica

    • Alessandro Maffioli,
    • David McKenzie, and
    • Diego Ubfal
    pp. 123–158
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    When Private Beats Public: A Flexible Value-Added Model with Tanzanian School Switchers

    • Kasper Brandt
    pp. 159–206
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    Crime, Income, and Inequality: Nonlinearities under Extreme Inequality in South Africa

    • Amy Thornton,
    • Haroon Bhorat,
    • Adaiah Lilenstein,
    • Jabulile Monnakgotla, and
    • Kirsten van der Zee
    pp. 207–240
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    Education, Civic Engagement, and Political Participation: Evidence from School Construction in Malian Villages

    • Pierre André and
    • Paul Maarek
    pp. 241–281
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    Stay at Home with Grandma, Mom Is Going to Work: The Impact of Grandmothers’ Retirement on Mothers’ Labor Decisions

    • María Florencia Pinto
    pp. 283–327
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    The Long-Term Effects of the Rwandan Genocide on Child Work

    • Yoo-Mi Chin,
    • Scott Cunningham, and
    • Pham Hoang Van
    pp. 329–360
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    Early-Life Rainfall and Long-Term Human Capital Accumulation of African Women

    • Kien Le and
    • My Nguyen
    pp. 361–387
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    The Origins of Optimism: A Lab-in-the-Field Experiment among Microfinance Clients in Bolivia

    • Francesco Cecchi,
    • Elske Voermans, and
    • Robert Lensink
    pp. 389–421