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Economic Development and Cultural Change

Editor: Prashant Bharadwaj

Volume 71,Number 3|April 2023

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    Political Connections, Competition, and Innovation: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Chinese Firms

    • Lei Cheng and
    • Zhimin Li
    pp. 819–862
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    Up before Dawn: Experimental Evidence from a Cross-Border Trader Training at the DRC-Rwanda Border

    • Kevin Croke,
    • María Elena García Mora,
    • Markus Goldstein,
    • Edouard Mensah, and
    • Michael O’Sullivan
    pp. 863–901
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    What Do Parents Want? Parental Spousal Preferences in China

    • Eva Raiber,
    • Weiwei Ren,
    • Jeanne Bovet,
    • Paul Seabright, and
    • Charlotte Wang
    pp. 903–939
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    The Impact of Being Surveyed on the Adoption of Agricultural Technology

    • Mark Treurniet
    pp. 941–962
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    Bridging the Savings Gap: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Malawi

    • Jeffrey A. Flory
    pp. 963–1002
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    Motherhood and Women’s Self-Employment: Theory and Evidence from Nigeria

    • Jean-Louis Bago and
    • Sylvain E. Dessy
    pp. 1003–1055
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    Are Employment Protection Laws for Persons with Disabilities Effective in a Developing Country?

    • Michael Palmer and
    • Jenny Williams
    pp. 1057–1092
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    When the Identity of the Perpetrator Matters: The Heterogeneous Legacies of the Civil Conflict on Social Capital in Peru

    • Eduardo A. Malásquez and
    • Edgar Salgado
    pp. 1093–1148
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    Large Means-Tested Pensions with Informal Labor Markets: Evidence from South Africa

    • Paul Dutronc-Postel and
    • Alessandro Tondini
    pp. 1149–1178