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Classical Philology

A Journal Devoted to Research in Classical Antiquity

Editor: Sarah Nooter, University of Chicago
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    Volume 118, Number 2
    April 2023

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    The Phaedo as an Alternative to Tragedy

    • David Ebrey
    pp. 153–171
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    The Good or the Wild at Aristotle Eudemian Ethics 8.3?

    • Christopher Bobonich
    pp. 172–193
  • No Access

    Greek Solutions to Problems in Catullus 1 and 84

    • Neil O’Sullivan
    pp. 194–209
  • No Access

    Translatio fortunae: Curtius Rufus’ Alexander, Livy’s Hannibal, and Intertextuality

    • Dylan James
    pp. 210–231
  • No Access

    Helios or Jesus? The Last Words of the Emperor Julian

    • Moysés Marcos
    pp. 232–252
  • Notes and Discussions

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    Callimachus Hymn to Artemis 26–29: A Textual Note

    • Gary P. Vos
    pp. 253–256
  • No Access

    Virgil’s meliorsed Construction

    • Jonathan Nathan
    pp. 256–260
  • No Access

    Cum patuit lecto: A Double Entendre at Propertius 4.4.42

    • Joshua M. Paul
    pp. 260–264
  • No Access

    Ovid Metamorphoses 14.81–83 and 15.464–66

    • Konstantine Panegyres
    pp. 264–267
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    Styx Dipping: Revisiting a Mother’s Nightmares (Achil. 1.133–34)

    • Julene Abad Del Vecchio
    pp. 267–273
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    Elements and Matter in Diogenes Laertius 7.137

    • Ian Hensley
    pp. 273–281
  • Book Reviews

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  • Classical Philology cover, Volume 118, Number 2
    Volume 118, Number 2
    April 2023

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Classical Philology (CP) has been an internationally respected journal for the study of the life, languages, and thought of the ancient Greek and Roman world since 1906. CP covers a broad range of topics, including studies that illuminate aspects of the languages, literatures, history, art, philosophy, social life, material culture, religion, and reception of ancient Greece and Rome.

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