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Crime and Justice

Editor: Michael Tonry

Volume 48|2019

American Sentencing: What Happens and Why?

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    • Michael Tonry
    pp. vii–viii
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    The Wild West of Sentencing Reform: Lessons from California

    • Robert Weisberg
    pp. 35–77
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    Forty Years of American Sentencing Guidelines: What Have We Learned?

    • Richard S. Frase
    pp. 79–135
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    Federal Sentencing after Booker

    • Paul J. Hofer
    pp. 137–186
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    The Evolution of Sentencing Guidelines in Minnesota and England and Wales

    • Julian V. Roberts
    pp. 187–253
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    Model Penal Code: Sentencing—Workable Limits on Mass Punishment

    • Kevin R. Reitz and
    • Cecelia M. Klingele
    pp. 255–311
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    Trials and Tribulations: The Trial Tax and the Process of Punishment

    • Brian D. Johnson
    pp. 313–363
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    Have Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Sentencing Declined?

    • Ryan D. King and
    • Michael T. Light
    pp. 365–437
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    Predictions of Dangerousness in Sentencing: Déjà Vu All Over Again

    • Michael Tonry
    pp. 439–482
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    Criminal Courts as Inhabited Institutions: Making Sense of Difference and Similarity in Sentencing

    • Jeffery T. Ulmer
    pp. 483–522
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