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Crime and Justice

Editor: Michael Tonry

Volume 7|1986

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    The Demand and Supply of Criminal Opportunities

    • Philip J. Cook
    pp. 1–27
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    Family Factors as Correlates and Predictors of Juvenile Conduct Problems and Delinquency

    • Rolf Loeber, and
    • Magda Stouthamer-Loeber
    pp. 29–149
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    Differences in Criminal Behavior and Court Responses among Juvenile and Young Adult Defendants

    • Peter W. Greenwood
    pp. 151–187
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    Age and Crime

    • David P. Farrington
    pp. 189–250
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    Substantive Contributions of Victimization Surveys

    • Michael R. Gottfredson
    pp. 251–287
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    Risks and Prices: An Economic Analysis of Drug Enforcement

    • Peter Reuter, and
    • Mark A. R. Kleiman
    pp. 289–340
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