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Critical Historical Studies

Editors: Judit Bodnár, Jonathan Levy, Andrew Sartori, and William H. Sewell, Jr.

Volume 9,Number 1|Spring 2022

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    Postone’s Legacy: Capitalism and Time

    • Ann E. Davis
    pp. 1–34
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    Reading Gigs Dialectically

    • Heather Berg
    pp. 35–61
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    “Minorities Are Like Microbes”: On Secularism and Sectarianism in English-Occupied Egypt, 1882–1922

    • Hussein Ahmed Hussein Omar
    pp. 63–102
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    Middle-Class Employees in the Egyptian Uprising of 2011

    • Nada Matta
    pp. 103–131
  • Critical Reflection

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    Donald Trump and the Paranoid Position

    • Eli Zaretsky
    pp. 133–157
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