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Volume 52, Number S4 | October 2011

The Origins of Agriculture: New Data, New Ideas
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    The Origins of Agriculture: New Data, New Ideas: An Introduction to Supplement 4

    • T. Douglas Price and
    • Ofer Bar-Yosef
    pp. S163–S174
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    Climatic Fluctuations and Early Farming in West and East Asia

    • Ofer Bar-Yosef
    pp. S175–S193
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    Neolithization Processes in the Levant: The Outer Envelope

    • A. Nigel Goring-Morris and
    • Anna Belfer-Cohen
    pp. S195–S208
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    Becoming Farmers: The Inside Story

    • Anna Belfer-Cohen and
    • A. Nigel Goring-Morris
    pp. S209–S220
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    The Origins of Agriculture in the Near East

    • Melinda A. Zeder
    pp. S221–S235
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    The Neolithic Southwest Asian Founder Crops: Their Biology and Archaeobotany

    • Ehud Weiss and
    • Daniel Zohary
    pp. S237–S254
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    The Early Process of Mammal Domestication in the Near East: New Evidence from the Pre-Neolithic and Pre-Pottery Neolithic in Cyprus

    • Jean-Denis Vigne,
    • Isabelle Carrère,
    • François Briois, and
    • Jean Guilaine
    pp. S255–S271
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    The Beginnings of Agriculture in China: A Multiregional View

    • David Joel Cohen
    pp. S273–S293
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    New Archaeobotanic Data for the Study of the Origins of Agriculture in China

    • Zhijun Zhao
    pp. S295–S306
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    The Transition from Foraging to Farming in Prehistoric Korea

    • Gyoung-Ah Lee
    pp. S307–S329
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    Advances in Understanding Early Agriculture in Japan

    • Gary W. Crawford
    pp. S331–S345
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    Finding Plant Domestication in the Indian Subcontinent

    • Dorian Q Fuller
    pp. S347–S362
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    Holocene Population History in the Pacific Region as a Model for Worldwide Food Producer Dispersals

    • Peter Bellwood
    pp. S363–S378
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    Early Agriculture and Plant Domestication in New Guinea and Island Southeast Asia

    • Tim Denham
    pp. S379–S395
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    Domestication Processes and Morphological Change: Through the Lens of the Donkey and African Pastoralism

    • Fiona Marshall and
    • Lior Weissbrod
    pp. S397–S413
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    Archaeological Evidence on the Westward Expansion of Farming Communities from Eastern Anatolia to the Aegean and the Balkans

    • Mehmet Özdoğan
    pp. S415–S430
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    Westward Ho! The Spread of Agriculturalism from Central Europe to the Atlantic

    • Peter Rowley-Conwy
    pp. S431–S451
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    The Origins of Plant Cultivation and Domestication in the New World Tropics: Patterns, Process, and New Developments

    • Dolores R. Piperno
    pp. S453–S470
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    The Cultural Context of Plant Domestication in Eastern North America

    • Bruce D. Smith
    pp. S471–S484
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    Genetics and Domestication: Important Questions for New Answers

    • Greger Larson
    pp. S485–S495
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    The Agricultural Demographic Transition During and After the Agriculture Inventions

    • Jean-Pierre Bocquet-Appel
    pp. S497–S510
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