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The Biological Bulletin

Editor-in-Chief: Kenneth M. Halanych, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Published in association with the Marine Biological Laboratory

Volume 237,Number 1|August 2019

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  • Development and Reproduction

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    Construction and Composition of the Squid Pen from Doryteuthis pealeii
    • Mark A. Messerli,
    • M. Jahir Raihan,
    • Brian M. Kobylkevich,
    • Austin C. Benson,
    • Kristi S. Bruening,
    • Michael Shribak,
    • Joshua J.C. Rosenthal, and
    • Joel J. Sohn
    pp. 1–15
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    Instant Ocean Versus Natural Seawater: Impacts on Aspects of Reproduction and Development in Three Marine Invertebrates
    • Jan A. Pechenik,
    • Morgan Levy, and
    • Jonathan D. Allen
    pp. 16–25
  • Ecology and Evolution

    No Access
    Venom Composition Does Not Vary Greatly Between Different Nematocyst Types Isolated from the Primary Tentacles of Olindias sambaquiensis (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)
    • Liam B. Doonan,
    • Steven Lynham,
    • Catherine Quinlan,
    • Spike C. Ibiji,
    • Carlos E. Winter,
    • Gabriel Padilla,
    • Adrian Jaimes-Becerra,
    • André C. Morandini,
    • Antonio C. Marques, and
    • Paul F. Long
    pp. 26–35
  • Neurobiology and Behavior

    No Access
    Organization of Buccal Cone Musculature in the Pteropod Mollusc Clione limacina
    • Tigran P. Norekian,
    • Colin O. Hermans, and
    • Richard A. Satterlie
    pp. 36–47
  • No Access
    Hypoxia Has a Lasting Effect on Fast-Startle Behavior of the Tropical Fish Haemulon plumieri
    • Mayra A. Sánchez-García,
    • Steven J. Zottoli, and
    • Loretta M. Roberson
    pp. 48–62
  • Physiology and Biomechanics

    No Access
    Metabolic Activation and Scaling in Two Species of Colonial Cnidarians
    • Maram N. A. Almegbel,
    • Emery A. Rowe,
    • Fatmah N. Alnaser,
    • Mark Yeager, and
    • Neil W. Blackstone
    pp. 63–72