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The Biological Bulletin

Editor-in-Chief: Kenneth M. Halanych, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Published in association with the Marine Biological Laboratory

Volume 213,Number 3|December 2007

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  • The Neuroecology of Chemical Defense

    Open Access
  • Open Access

    Neuroecology, Chemical Defense, and the Keystone Species Concept

    • Richard K. Zimmer and
    • Ryan P. Ferrer
    pp. 208–225
  • Open Access

    Chemical Defenses: From Compounds to Communities

    • Valerie J. Paul,
    • Karen E. Arthur,
    • Raphael Ritson-Williams,
    • Cliff Ross, and
    • Koty Sharp
    pp. 226–251
  • Open Access

    How Do Predators Cope With Chemically Defended Foods?

    • John I. Glendinning
    pp. 252–266
  • Open Access

    Has Vertebrate Chemesthesis Been a Selective Agent in the Evolution of Arthropod Chemical Defenses?

    • William E. Conner,
    • Kerensa M. Alley,
    • Jonathan R. Barry, and
    • Amanda E. Harper
    pp. 267–273
  • Open Access

    Escape by Inking and Secreting: Marine Molluscs Avoid Predators Through a Rich Array of Chemicals and Mechanisms

    • Charles D. Derby
    pp. 274–289
  • Open Access

    Pathogen-Induced Defense and Innate Immunity in Macroalgae

    • Florian Weinberger
    pp. 290–302
  • Rapid Communication

    Open Access
  • Ecology and Evolution

    Open Access

    Granular Chitin in the Epidermis of Nudibranch Molluscs

    • Rainer Martin,
    • Sabine Hild,
    • Paul Walther,
    • Kerstin Ploss,
    • Wilhelm Boland, and
    • Karl-Heinz Tomaschko
    pp. 307–315
  • Development and Reproduction

    Open Access

    Role of Maternal Provisioning in Controlling Interpopulation Variation in Hatching Size in the Marine Snail Nucella ostrina

    • Michelle J. Lloyd and
    • Louis A. Gosselin
    pp. 316–324
  • Open Access

    Endostyle Cell Recruitment as a Frame of Reference for Development and Growth in the Urochordate Oikopleura dioica

    • Christofer Troedsson,
    • Philippe Ganot,
    • Jean-Marie Bouquet,
    • Dag L. Aksnes, and
    • Eric M. Thompson
    pp. 325–334
  • Index for Volume 213

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