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The American Naturalist

Editor in Chief: Volker H. W. Rudolf, Rice University
Editors: Erol Akçay, University of Pennsylvania; Jill T. Anderson, University of Georgia
Natural History Editor: Leticia Avilés, University of British Columbia

Volume 192,Number 2|August 2018

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    A Framework for Simultaneous Tests of Abiotic, Biotic, and Historical Drivers of Species Distributions: Empirical Tests for North American Wood Warblers Based on Climate and Pollen

    • Camilo Sanín and
    • Robert P. Anderson
    pp. E48–E61
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    Integrating Genetic and Demographic Effects of Connectivity on Population Stability: The Case of Hatchery Trucking in Salmon

    • Allison G. Dedrick and
    • Marissa L. Baskett
    pp. E62–E80
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    Adaptive Foraging of Pollinators Can Promote Pollination of a Rare Plant Species

    • Gita Benadi and
    • Robert J. Gegear
    pp. E81–E92
  • Synthesis

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    Toward Understanding the Repeated Occurrence of Associations between Melanin-Based Coloration and Multiple Phenotypes

    • Luis M. San-Jose and
    • Alexandre Roulin
    pp. 111–130
  • Articles

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    High Gut Microbiota Diversity Provides Lower Resistance against Infection by an Intestinal Parasite in Bumblebees

    • Kathrin Näpflin and
    • Paul Schmid-Hempel
    pp. 131–141
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    Metabolic Scope as a Proximate Constraint on Individual Behavioral Variation: Effects on Personality, Plasticity, and Predictability

    • Peter A. Biro,
    • Theodore Garland Jr.,
    • Christa Beckmann,
    • Beata Ujvari,
    • Frederic Thomas, and
    • John R. Post
    pp. 142–154
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    Sex Allocation Theory for Facultatively Sexual Organisms Inhabiting Seasonal Environments: The Importance of Bet Hedging

    • Nina Gerber,
    • Isobel Booksmythe, and
    • Hanna Kokko
    pp. 155–170
  • Open Access

    Geographic Range Dynamics Drove Ancient Hybridization in a Lineage of Angiosperms

    • Ryan A. Folk,
    • Clayton J. Visger,
    • Pamela S. Soltis,
    • Douglas E. Soltis, and
    • Robert P. Guralnick
    pp. 171–187
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    Matrix Models of Hierarchical Demography: Linking Group- and Population-Level Dynamics in Cooperative Breeders

    • Andrew W. Bateman,
    • Arpat Ozgul,
    • Martin Krkošek, and
    • Tim H. Clutton-Brock
    pp. 188–203
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    Mechanistic Models of Conflict between Ant Colonies and Their Consequences for Territory Scaling

    • Frederick R. Adler
    • Sean Quinonez,
    • Nicola Plowes, and
    • Eldridge S. Adams
    pp. 204–216
  • ASN Symposium

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    Sexual Conflict: Mechanisms and Emerging Themes in Resistance Biology

    • Tracey Chapman
    pp. 217–229
  • Open Access

    The Role of Phenotypic Plasticity in Moderating Evolutionary Conflict

    • Troy Day and
    • David V. McLeod
    pp. 230–240
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    The Evolutionary Consequences of Selection at the Haploid Gametic Stage

    • Simone Immler and
    • Sarah P. Otto
    pp. 241–249
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    Socio-reproductive Conflicts and the Father’s Curse Dilemma

    • Mikael Mokkonen,
    • Esa Koskela,
    • Tanya Procyshyn, and
    • Bernard Crespi
    pp. 250–262
  • Open Access

    Evolutionary Conflict between Mobile DNA and Host Genomes

    • Michael J. Song and
    • Sarah Schaack
    pp. 263–273
  • Open Access

    The Genomics of Sexual Conflict

    • Locke Rowe,
    • Stephen F. Chenoweth, and
    • Aneil F. Agrawal
    pp. 274–286