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The American Naturalist

Editor in Chief: Volker H. W. Rudolf, Rice University
Editors: Erol Akçay, University of Pennsylvania; Jill T. Anderson, University of Georgia
Natural History Editor: Leticia Avilés, University of British Columbia

Volume 181, Number S1 | May 2013

A Critical Look at Reciprocity in Ecology and Evolution
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    Evolution in Population Parameters: Density-Dependent Selection or Density-Dependent Fitness?

    • Joseph Travis,
    • Jeff Leips, and
    • F. Helen Rodd
    pp. S9–S20
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    Contemporary Evolution of Plant Growth Rate Following Experimental Removal of Herbivores.

    • Nash E. Turley,
    • Walter C. Odell,
    • Hanno Schaefer,
    • Georg Everwand,
    • Michael J. Crawley, and
    • Marc T. J. Johnson
    pp. S21–S34
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    A Field Experiment Demonstrating Plant Life-History Evolution and Its Eco-Evolutionary Feedback to Seed Predator Populations.

    • Anurag A. Agrawal,
    • Marc T. J. Johnson,
    • Amy P. Hastings, and
    • John L. Maron
    pp. S35–S45
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    Experimental Test of an Eco-Evolutionary Dynamic Feedback Loop between Evolution and Population Density in the Green Peach Aphid.

    • Martin M. Turcotte,
    • David N. Reznick, and
    • J. Daniel Hare
    pp. S46–S57
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    Navigating the Devious Course of Evolution: The Importance of Mechanistic Models for Identifying Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics in Nature.

    • Shishi Luo and
    • Katia Koelle
    pp. S58–S75
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    Predicting and Detecting Reciprocity between Indirect Ecological Interactions and Evolution.

    • James A. Estes,
    • Justin S. Brashares, and
    • Mary E. Power
    pp. S76–S99
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    The Nonlinear Effects of Evolutionary Innovation Biospheric Feedbacks on Qualitative Environmental Change: From the Microbial to Metazoan World.

    • Martin Kennedy
    pp. S100–S111