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The American Naturalist

Editor in Chief: Volker H. W. Rudolf, Rice University
Editors: Erol Akçay, University of Pennsylvania; Jill T. Anderson, University of Georgia
Natural History Editor: Leticia Avilés, University of British Columbia

Volume 167,Number 6|June 2006

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  • Articles

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    Pereskia and the Origin of the Cactus Life‐Form.

    • Erika J. Edwards and
    • Michael J. Donoghue
    pp. 777–793
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    Adaptive Introgression of Herbivore Resistance Traits in the Weedy Sunflower Helianthus annuus.

    • Kenneth D. Whitney,
    • Rebecca A. Randell, and
    • Loren H. Rieseberg
    pp. 794–807
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    Bayesian Analysis of Correlated Evolution of Discrete Characters by Reversible‐Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo.

    • Mark Pagel and
    • Andrew Meade
    pp. 808–825
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    Local and Global Costs of Adaptive Plasticity to Density in Arabidopsis thaliana.

    • C. Weinig,
    • J. Johnston,
    • Z. M. German, and
    • L. M. Demink
    pp. 826–836
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    Individual Variation in Social Aggression and the Probability of Inheritance: Theory and a Field Test.

    • Michael A. Cant,
    • Justine B. Llop, and
    • Jeremy Field
    pp. 837–852
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    Combining Population‐Dynamic and Ecophysiological Models to Predict Climate‐Induced Insect Range Shifts.

    • Lisa Crozier and
    • Greg Dwyer
    pp. 853–866
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    Predation Risk as a Driving Force for Sexual Segregation: A Cross‐Population Comparison.

    • Darren P. Croft,
    • Lesley J. Morrell,
    • Amy S. Wade,
    • Chantima Piyapong,
    • Christos C. Ioannou,
    • John R. G. Dyer,
    • Ben B. Chapman,
    • Yan Wong, and
    • Jens Krause
    pp. 867–878
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    Does Red Noise Increase or Decrease Extinction Risk? Single Extreme Events versus Series of Unfavorable Conditions.

    • Monika Schwager,
    • Karin Johst, and
    • Florian Jeltsch
    pp. 879–888
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    Intermediary Metabolism and Life‐History Trade‐Offs: Differential Metabolism of Amino Acids Underlies the Dispersal‐Reproduction Trade‐Off in a Wing‐Polymorphic Cricket.

    • Anthony J. Zera and
    • Zhangwu Zhao
    pp. 889–900
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    From Hawks and Doves to Self‐Consistent Games of Territorial Behavior.

    • Hanna Kokko,
    • Andrés López‐Sepulcre, and
    • Lesley J. Morrell
    pp. 901–912
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    Dispersal and Species Diversity: A Meta‐Analysis.

    • Marc William Cadotte
    pp. 913–924
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    The Role of Local Populations within a Landscape Context: Defining and Classifying Sources and Sinks.

    • Jonathan P. Runge,
    • Michael C. Runge, and
    • James D. Nichols
    pp. 925–938
  • Notes and Comments

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    Effects of Productivity and Disturbance on Species Richness: A Neutral Model.

    • Ronen Kadmon and
    • Yuval Benjamini
    pp. 939–946
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    Sensory Drive in Cichlid Speciation.

    • Martine E. Maan,
    • Kees D. Hofker,
    • Jacques J. M. van Alphen, and
    • Ole Seehausen
    pp. 947–954
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  • E‐Articles

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    Scale, Environment, and Trophic Status: The Context Dependency of Community Saturation in Rocky Intertidal Communities.

    • Roly Russell,
    • Spencer A. Wood,
    • Gary Allison, and
    • Bruce A. Menge
    pp. E158–E170
  • Open Access

    No Evidence of Current Sexual Selection on Sexually Dimorphic Traits in a Bird with High Variance in Mating Success.

    • David F. Westneat
    pp. E171–E189