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The American Naturalist

Editor in Chief: Volker H. W. Rudolf, Rice University
Editors: Erol Akçay, University of Pennsylvania; Jill T. Anderson, University of Georgia
Natural History Editor: Leticia Avilés, University of British Columbia

Volume 146,Number 1|Jul., 1995

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    Signaling of Need between Parents and Young: Parent-Offspring Conflict and Sibling Rivalry

    • H. C. J. Godfray
    pp. 1–24
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    Refining the Motor Training Hypothesis for the Evolution of Play

    • John A. Byers, and
    • Curt Walker
    pp. 25–40
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    Motor Learning and the Value of Familiar Space

    • Judy Stamps
    pp. 41–58
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    The Effect of Mating Probability on Risk Taking: An Experimental Study in Lekking Great Snipe

    • John Atle Kalas,
    • Peder Fiske, and
    • Stein Are Saether
    pp. 59–71
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    Fecundity and Dispersal in Plant Populations: Implications for Structure and Diversity

    • James S. Clark, and
    • Yuan Ji
    pp. 72–111
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    Implications of Dynamically Variable Traits for Identifying, Classifying, and Measuring Direct and Indirect Effects in Ecological Communities

    • Peter A. Abrams
    pp. 112–134
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    Biomass Distribution in Freshwater Plankton Communities

    • Paul A. del Giorgio, and
    • Josep M. Gasol
    pp. 135–152
  • Notes and Comments

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    Unsaturated Fish Communities in African Rivers

    • Bernard Hugueny, and
    • Didier Paugy
    pp. 162–169
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