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American Art

Executive Editor: Robin Veder

Volume 35,Number 3|Fall 2021

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  • Perspectives: On Edward Savage’s The Washington Family

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    Illuminating the Shadows of “Liberty”: George Washington and Blackness in American Art

    • Mia L. Bagneris
    pp. 2–14
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    Remapping Resistance: The Place of Slavery in The Washington Family

    • Jennifer Van Horn
    pp. 15–25
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    “The Requisite Local Coloring”: Painting The Washington Family in London

    • Jennifer Germann
    pp. 26–37
  • Commentaries: What’s in a Name: The American Pre-Raphaelites

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    “The Thirteenth Century Men”: Looking to the Past to Critique the Present

    • Linda S. Ferber
    pp. 38–44
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    A Dissenting Realism: Style, Ideology, and the American Pre-Raphaelite Movement

    • Sophie Lynford
    pp. 45–51
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    Radically Anti-Modern: The “Association for the Advancement of Truth in Art” in Historical Context

    • Kenneth John Myers
    pp. 52–57
  • Feature Articles

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    Unfolding Metamorphosis, or the Early American Tactile Image

    • Juliet Sperling
    pp. 58–87
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    How to Have Color in a Pandemic: Humberto Dionisio’s White Variation on Feeling Brown

    • Robb Hernández
    pp. 88–117
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