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American Journal of Education

Editors: Emily Hodge, Montclair State University
Dana Mitra, Pennsylvania State University

Volume 123,Number 1|November 2016

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    Caring School Leadership: A MultiDisciplinary, Cross-Occupational Model

    • Mark A. Smylie,
    • Joseph Murphy, and
    • Karen Seashore Louis
    pp. 1–35
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    Is the Feeling Mutual? Examining Parent-Teacher Relationships in Low-Income, Predominantly Latino Schools

    • Hannah Miller,
    • Jessa Lewis Valentine,
    • Rachel Fish, and
    • Michelle Robinson
    pp. 37–67
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    The Role of Teacher Leadership in How Principals Influence Classroom Instruction and Student Learning

    • James Sebastian,
    • Elaine Allensworth, and
    • Haigen Huang
    pp. 69–108
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    Reflectiveness, Adaptivity, and Support: How Teacher Agency Promotes Student Engagement

    • Kristy S. Cooper,
    • Tara Kintz, and
    • Andrew Miness
    pp. 109–136
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    Has the Elite Foundation Agenda Spread Beyond the Gates? An Organizational Network Analysis of Nonmajor Philanthropic Giving in K–12 Education

    • Joseph J. Ferrare and
    • Katherine Reynolds
    pp. 137–169