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    Volume 62, Number 1
    Spring 2023

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  • New Research

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    Henryk Stażewski’s Art in America

    • Marta Zboralska
    pp. 4–19
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    Beyond Side by Side: Intermediality in Senga Nengudi’s Collaborations

    • Martyna Ewa Majewska
    pp. 20–41
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    N Dimensional Space in a One-Dimensional World: The Art of Holograms in 1970

    • Elizabeth Anne Johnson
    pp. 42–59
  • Art Work

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    In Another’s Hand

    • Ken Gonzales-Day and
    • Shawn Michelle Smith
    pp. 60–71
  • Archive Matters

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    Out of the Box: Beverly Buchanan

    • Amelia Groom,
    • Phoebe Collings-James,
    • Daisy Derosiers,
    • Ciarán Finlayson,
    • Catherine Morris,
    • Abbe Schriber,
    • M. Ty, and
    • Olivia K. Young
    pp. 72–87
  • New Collections

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    Oral History

    • Ben Gillespie
    pp. 94–95
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  • Archives of American Art Journal cover, Volume 62, Number 1
    Volume 62, Number 1
    Spring 2023

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First published in 1960 as the Archives of American Art Bulletin, the Archives of American Art Journal is the longest-running scholarly periodical devoted to the history of art in the United States. This peer-reviewed publication showcases new approaches to and out-of-the-box thinking about primary sources. All contributions must be appropriate for the journal's broad audience and engage in a substantial, meaningful way with the holdings of the Archives of American Art.

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