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The Journal of the Northeastern Political Science Association

Editors: Alyson Cole, Robyn Marasco, and Charles Tien


You are the best advocate for your research. Now that you’ve published with us, here are some ideas to help others find your article:


  • Contact your institution's news office or communications division. Many institutions have news writers on staff who can help promote your research to their networks.
  • Ask your institution or department to share the research on their blog or news feed. Most institutions have their own social media accounts and will gladly promote their researchers’ activities.
  • Recommend your article to faculty members teaching courses on your topic. This may be at your institution or others with similar programs.
  • Check that your library subscribes to the journal you published in and support the use of campus resources by directing interested students and colleagues to your library for a copy of your work. If your library does not yet offer access to the journal in which your article appears, click on the “Recommend” button on the journal homepage and we’ll do the rest.
  • Update your faculty profile page and your CV to reflect your recent publication. Include a link to the journal article.


  • Post your article link on Facebook and with any research groups or institutions with which you are you are affiliated. Save a copy of the journal cover image by right-clicking it and choosing “save image as…” or ask our marketing department for help at [email protected].
  • Share your article link on Twitter. Pull out one line from your abstract to get people interested. Include the link to your article or issue (the introduction, table of contents, and abstracts to each issue are freely available).
  • Promote your article link on other social media platforms: examples include Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest.
  • Write a blog post about your article and include the link to the electronic version-of-record. If you have a personal or departmental blog, they are ideal places for presenting further insights or ideas.


  • Contact a relevant news source and let them know about your research. There are many smaller niche news sites that may be looking for articles like yours. Feel free to use our marketing department as a resource! [email protected]
  • Update working papers or preprints with links to the finished article, which includes the DOI.
  • Update your professional profiles to reflect your new publication. Examples include Google Scholar,, or Research Gate.

Please share the link to your article rather than a PDF.  Strong online usage statistics, which are very important for tracking readership of your paper, play a vital role in identifying where your work may be making its strongest impact—but the ability to gain such data is lost with an easily pirated PDF. Your article's abstract is always freely available; the full article may require a subscription to access.

Encourage interested colleagues to sign up for e-mailed table-of-contents alerts for the journal. And please sign up yourself to stay engaged with the journal!

Northeastern Political Science Association Members: To access articles, follow the instructions included in your NPSA member e-table-of-contents email. For additional help, click here Sign up for new issue alerts. Society members receive alerts automatically.
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