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Editors: Emily Hodge, Montclair State University
Dana Mitra, Pennsylvania State University


To obtain permission for an article published by the University of Chicago, visit the article page and choose "Request permissions" from the "Details" box or click on the “wrench” icon and choose "Permissions."

Author permissions
Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder to use copyrighted material in articles published in University of Chicago Press journals and for paying any associated fees. All permission grants must be submitted when requested by the editor, usually when your manuscript is accepted for publication.

You should seek permission whenever you reuse someone else’s work, except in the following circumstances:

  • The work is in the public domain or it is non-copyrightable (such as titles, slogans, and lists of information).
  • Your use of the work can be defended as fair use. For an example of how fair use can be interpreted, see the University of Chicago Press Guidelines for Fair Use of Our Publications.
  • The work is made available under a license that allows your re-use (for example, a Creative Commons CC-BY license). Please check carefully to make sure the license does not prohibit commercial reuse; if it does, you will need to contact the owner of the work to make sure your reuse is acceptable.

Examples of material which may require permission include (but are not limited to):

  • Quotes, extracts from, or reproductions of textual works
  • Poetry or song lyrics
  • Drawings, photographs, or fine art
  • Figures, tables, and charts
  • Audio or video recordings or movie stills
  • Computer programs

You should allow at least 4-6 weeks to receive each permission grant. Permissions that are not submitted on time or that do not meet the Press standards could delay publication of your article.

Please review each permission carefully to ensure that you have the necessary rights. If the permission does not meet the requirements below, we may not be able to publish your article, even if it has been accepted for publication, unless the material in question is removed.

The minimum requirements are:

  • non-exclusive world distribution rights in English.
  • right to publish in both the print and electronic editions.
  • right to deposit in electronic archives.

The preferred rights, in addition to the minimum rights, are:

  • non-exclusive world distribution rights in all languages, formats, and media.
  • right to reproduce in all reprints, editions, and derivatives, whether print or electronic.

The Press cannot accept permission grants that:

  • restrict use to a specific period of time.
  • require payment of renewal fees.
  • place restrictions on access to the material, especially in the electronic edition.

You may also need to obtain permissions or releases for uses that may affect other rights, particularly the rights of individuals to privacy, publicity, and informed consent.

For additional information on obtaining permissions, please see the University of Chicago Press Author's Permission Guidelines. If you have any further questions or need help obtaining the necessary permissions, consult the editorial office.


To learn more about using scholarship published in this journal, please review our Permissions and Reprints page

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