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SLiM 4: Multispecies Eco-Evolutionary Modeling

The SLiM software framework for genetically explicit forward simulation has been widely used in population genetics. However, it has been largely restricted to modeling only a single species, which has limited its broader utility in evolutionary biology. Indeed, to our knowledge no general-purpose, flexible modeling framework exists that provides support for simulating multiple species while also providing other key features, such as explicit genetics and continuous space. The lack of such software has limited our ability to model higher biological levels such as communities, ecosystems, coevolutionary and eco-evolutionary processes, and biodiversity, which is crucial for many purposes, from extending our basic understanding of evolutionary ecology to informing conservation and management decisions. We here announce the release of SLiM 4, which fills this important gap by adding support for multiple species, including ecological interactions between species such as predation, parasitism, and mutualism, and illustrate its new features with examples.