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Exploring College Students’ Identification with an Organizational Identity for Serving Latinx Students at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and an Emerging HSI

Gina A. Garcia is an assistant professor in the Department of Administrative and Policy Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research centers on issues of equity and diversity in higher education with a focus on Hispanic Serving Institutions, the experiences of Latinx college students, and race and racism in higher education.

Brighid Dwyer is the director of the program on intergroup relations and an assistant professor in the Department of Education and Counseling and the Communication Department at Villanova University. Her research explores intergroup dialogue, diversity and inclusion, leadership, Minority Serving Institutions, and students’ cross-racial interactions in college.

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs; postsecondary institutions that enroll 25% or more Latinx students) are increasing in significance. But to what extent do students attending an HSI, or an emerging HSI (enrolls 15%–24% Latinx students), identify with an organizational identity for serving Latinx students? There is a need to understand how members identify with an organizational identity because it affects satisfaction, sense of belonging, and success. Using secondary data from two qualitative research projects, the purpose of this study was to understand students’ identification with an identity for serving Latinx students. Data indicate that students’ levels of identification vary based on individual racial/ethnic identity. Implications are discussed.